Medical Director:
Dr. Carlos Vergara Herrera

First of all I wanted to greet and thank the honor to have them on my website. The idea stems from the need of wanting to improve and give quality service and warmth.

I am currently the Medical Director of Niuvida Specialized Center of Assisted Reproduction.

I started in the Fertility Institute of IFER-Diagnosis Matrimonial Group A. (Drs. Ascenzo-Cancino-Vergara). Marriage Fertility Institute, started more than half a century ago, being the first to achieve test tube baby in Peru, in the couple concerned with problems of not being able to achieve the legitimate desire, which is to have a child and thus strengthen the family. The intention of our group is always keeping us updated academically and professionally in order to give them the confidence and security that you deserve.

Having the honor of being currently the Medical Director of Niuvida Specialized Assisted Reproduction Center and became Director of Group A. IFER-Diagnosis (Drs. Ascenzo-Cancino-Vergara).
Also I will always be attentive to all suggestions, please help us to be better every day and give us the responsibility for achieving its goals in friendship, responsibility and technology.